Put It Through The Blender: Detroit’s The Scrappers Release New Tunes

Eddie Baranek & Dave Lawson of The Scrappers

Featuring veteran Detroit rockers such as guitarist/singer Eddie Baranek (The Sights) and bassist/vocalist Dave Lawson (The Pop Project), Detroit’s The Scrappers make music that spans the lineage of American rock ‘n’ roll. 

Featuring two new songs, Fountain Records just put out a new 45, so the band, rounded out by pedal steel player Pete Ballard and drummer Ben Luckett, is convening with a couple other other folky, rocky, country-ish acts to round out quite an impressive bill. Indeed, The Drinkard Sisters and Eric Allen and the Loose Koozies are rising Detroit bands.

Listen to cuts from the new jams as Eddie and Dave chop it up with Travis Wright for WDET’s Culture Shift. 

Image credit: Eddie Baranek & Dave Lawson of The Scrappers

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