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Former Gov. Blanchard Says Trump Getting It Wrong On Manufacturing in Michigan

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Blanchard has joined a bipartisan group of former Michigan governors to support Hillary Clinton for president.

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Pictured: Former Governor Jim Blanchard (left) with former Congressman Mark Schauer (right)Flickr Creative Commons, Jamelah

Pictured: Former Governor Jim Blanchard (left) with former Congressman Mark Schauer (right)

A few former governors from Michigan have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. That includes Republican Bill Milliken and Democrat Jim Blanchard.

Meanwhile there have been no public endorsements of Donald Trump from Michigan’s governors — including from Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican. 

While endorsing Clinton seems to have come easily for many of our state’s political elite, Clinton’s campaign has not been short on controversy. So why jump to endorse the candidate, and can her policy proposals benefit Michigan?

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be president with the experience she’s had,” Blanchard tells host Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today. “I’m a big, big fan, and have been for a long time.”

Blanchard says he’s known Bill and Hillary Clinton for more than 20 years.

He goes on to say GOP nominee Donald Trump gets it wrong when he says Michigan’s economic picture is bad. The former governor says the auto bailout approved by Congress and signed by President Obama proved successful and led to job growth in the industry.

Michigan’s manufacturing sector is increasingly doing very well,” says Blanchard.

But he doesn’t think either party has a glowing record with getting displaced auto workers into new lines of work.

Not enough has been done. Not enough.”

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