Niyo In Rio: Second Week of Summer Olympics Brings More Drama, Controversy

Michael Hayball

John Niyo

We’re seeing the greatest athletes ever in some of the marquis sports in the Olympic Games. But we’re also reading headlines about the dangers in Rio.

Detroit News sports columnist John Niyo joins Detroit Today to give an update from Rio about who’s deserving of their legacy titles, what the atmosphere is like after a high-profile attack on some athletes, and who to watch this week.

It’s like a heavyweight boxing match… with Usain Bolt,” says Niyo. “Bolt is always a showman.”

Niyo also talks about American runner Justin Gatlin, who was booed by the crowd in Rio. Gatlin has previously failed a couple of drug tests.

To hear more of the conversation, click on the audio player above.

Image credit: John Niyo/Detroit News

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