Satori Shakoor’s Twisted Storytellers Podcast Now Available

Laura Weber Davis, WDET

Satori Shakoor is a woman who has lived what seems to be many lives. 

She’s an artist, a singer with The Brides of Funkenstein, a woman who has struggled on a journey with breast cancer, and a mother whose adult son passed away.

Now she’s becoming a local storytelling legend, detailing some of these monumental life events on The Moth, WDET’s Beginning of the End, and The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers. WDET debuts Satori’s new podcast — Twisted Storytellers — this Wednesday on iTunes.

Telling a personal story, in my mind, is doing a service for humanity,” says Shakoor. ”It’s taking your story and your journey and midwiving it so that the public can experience it.”

Shakoor tells Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson that the art of storytelling is a catharsis for the teller and the audience.

This is just a story and I can impact this story by framing it any way I want to, and that’s the delight in it for me,” says Shakoor, who adds that humor is part of the healing process. ”You get an immediate healing benefit from laughter.”

To hear more of Shakoor’s conversation with Henderson, click on the audio player above.  For information on how to subscribe to the podcast, click here.

Image credit: Laura Weber Davis, WDET

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