Detroit City Clerk Does Not Defeat Longest-Serving Congressman

Laura Herberg / WDET

Congressman John Conyers has won the Democratic primary election for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. The incumbent defeated Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey by a two-to-one margin.

After serving as the Detroit City Clerk for nine years, Winfrey announced last September that she planned to challenge the longest-serving member of Congress. While waiting on the final results last night, Winfrey admitted to a room full of her supporters that it had been a long day.

I’m not campaigning anymore, so please allow me to let my hair down. Please allow me to touch that dance floor a little bit. Please, I’ve worked hard today… I’ve worked, just like you, for the last year and a half.”

Winfrey says now her full attention will be on administering the November general election in Detroit. She would not say if she would be running for office again.


Image credit: Laura Herberg / WDET

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