Mike Pence Takes the Republican Race to Grand Rapids, Novi

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Gov. Mike Pence faces an excited crowd in Novi, Michigan.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has taken the Republican race for presidency to the Midwest. After stopping in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Pence took the stage in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Novi to rally support for his running mate Donald Trump. In a series of comparisons, Pence took on his opponent in the Vice-pPesidential race, U.S Senator Tim Kaine, contrasting their accomplishments as governors.

When he was governor of Virginia, the unemployment rate actually doubled, and since I’ve been governor of the state of Indiana, unemployment dropped from over eight percent to five percent, one of the lowest in the Midwest and the lowest in the country.”

Gov. Mike Pence, GOP Vice Presidential Candidate

Pence says Kaine is the perfect candidate for someone who is going to grow government, raise taxes, and press down on a struggling economy. He also highlighted his campaign’s focus on appointing a Supreme Court Justice, criticized Secretary Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy decisions, and stressed the importance of law enforcement and military. He says his running mate Donald Trump is not a talker, but a doer.

A man who’s going to go to Washington, D.C. He’s going to shake up the status quo, and demand that Washington D.C. start to work for the American people, with the American people, and we will make America great again!”

Gov. Mike Pence, GOP Vice Presidential Candidate

Pence says Trump will repeal the Johnson amendment in the U.S. tax code, which prohibits tax-exempt organizations like religious groups from engaging in political races. Pence takes the campaign back to his home state of Indiana today.

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