Can Democrats Achieve a Unified, Ordered Convention In Wake of Email Leak?

Courtesy of the Washington Post

Rebecca Sinderbrand

It’s another week of presidential politics as Democrats get set to nominate Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia this week. There’s been plenty in the news surrounding the party as it prepares to kick off Clinton’s coronation.

There’s the controversy surrounding an email leak that seems to show party officials actively favoring Clinton over Bernie Sanders while the primary process was still underway. Party chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz says she’ll resign over the incident.

Dems hope to show the party unity and competency that the GOP struggled to achieve last week. Will they? Or do all signs point to another major party in disarray heading into November?

The dynamics are already in place for not the calmest or most unified of conventions,” says Rebecca Sinderbrand, a political editor for the Washington Post, who called in to Detroit Today from Philadelphia.

Sinderbrand says she’s not convinced the leak will make a significant difference inside the convention hall, in part because most of the revelations aren’t all that shocking.

She points out that even the Clinton campaign has wanted Wasserman Schultz to step aside for some time now. “It took a call from the president for Debbie Schultz to step down,” says Sinderbrand.

She clearly wasn’t doing the bidding of the Clinton campaign in all respects.”

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Image credit: Courtesy of the Michigan Democratic Party

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