Ted Cruz And The Fractured GOP

John Sellek

If the first night of the Republican convention in Cleveland was defined by Melania Trump’s partial plagiarizing of Michelle Obama, last night may serve to define the week, as former presidential candidate Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump in his speech and was booed off stage. 

It was pure chaos inside the convention center and was I was actually wondering how it… looked to people at home.” says Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent for the National Review. “There is no positive way to spin that you were booed off stage.”

Alberta says many convention-goers appear morose at the convention, and the week has been strange. He says a great speech by Donald Trump could serve to change the news cycle and narrative, but it would be difficult to erase many hurt feelings, particularly in the Cruz camp.

Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party chair and former Cruz campaign organizer in Michigan, disagrees.

Trump made it very clear afterward [from Cruz’ speech], and I think he was absolutely right, that this wasn’t a big deal,” Anuzis says. He adds that it’s time for the party to unite behind Trump, and he thinks Cruz’ speech didn’t dissuade people from voting for the candidate. “If you actually read the text of the speech, he talks about voting up and down that ticket for people that vote on principle.”

To hear more of Alberta and Anuzis on the RNC, click on the audio player above.

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