Election 2016: Terrance Morrison Candidate Questionnaire

Why are you running for Congress?

I’m running for Congress because the 14th District is in need of change .  Although some cities in the District are flourishing, West Bloomfield, Southfield, Oak Park, Farmington, Harper Woods and the Grosse Points, the others are living in inhuman living conditions with blight, poverty, unemployment, and crime.  Even though Pontiac, Southfield, and Detroit have a predominately black population, black businesses in those cities are few.


What qualifies you to run for Congress?

My willingness to serve and a commitment to helping the people in the District.


What do you consider the major issues facing your district? Please name at least three.

1.  Crime

2.  Healthcare for seniors

3. Black businesses


How do you plan to address those issues if elected?

I will introduce job and skill trades training, felony expungement and more funding for police officers.  More drug interdiction and more funding to reopen mental health centers.  Fight for non cost Medicare Part D  Prescription Drugs for seniors.  Fight for more grants and contracts for black businesses.  Institute a training process to teach black business owners how to get loans and contracts from federal agencies.  Encourage blacks to shop with other black businesses.


Are you formally endorsing a candidate for President?

Yes…Hilary Clinton


In broad terms, what do you believe is the relationship between the federal government and local units of government? What is in your record that supports and informs this philosophy?

The federal government is to provide security and uphold the Constitution and federal laws. The local government has to operate within the framework of the federal government.   


What is your opinion on:

Raising the age of Medicare eligibility?

I disagree with raising the age of Medicare eligibility. The age should be lowered. 


Taxing investor income on municipal bonds?

Municipal Bonds support the local government and tax free investments will encourage people to buy municipal bonds.


Establishing an Internet sales tax?

Internet shopping should be free.  It will encourage more people to shop online.


Transportation-related infrastructure and prioritization of road repair vs. transit vs. non-motorized projects?

Road repair is very important for commuters getting back and forth to work and for bringing goods and services to businesses.  Public transportation is equally important in getting people to and from their destination that does not own a car.


Energy policy and how it may support local investments in renewable power and support for financial incentives to increase energy efficiency?

We should have more incentives for consumers to purchase electrical power vehicles, and solar power heated homes.




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