Michigan AG Bill Schuette Breaks Down His RNC Address


Yesterday at the opening of the Republican National Convention, Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette spoke before convention-goers from all 50 states. Schuette used the platform to draw attention to the failures of government to protect the residents of Flint who were affected by the water crisis in that city, and he says he’s the guy to fix those problems.

Schuette continues to step into a space that implies he will run for governor in 2018. From Schuette’s RNC speech:

Let me tell you a story about my state and a city called Flint where the water was poisoned with lead. I visited a pastor there, and inside his church were stacks and stacks of wet wipes because his congregation could not drink from the tap or use the shower. Pregnant moms and mothers with newborns still shouldn’t bathe or drink the water. And that’s not right. But I will make it right.”

Schuette tells Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson he had a great time taking center stage at the convention. But Schuette didn’t use the time at the RNC to tout Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee. Schuette, a Jeb Bush supporter during the primary, didn’t mention Trump once in his speech.

I only had three minutes. Sometimes it takes me three minutes to clear my throat, Stephen,” Schuette jokes with Henderson.

The attorney general says whether or not he mentioned Trump during his speech, he still thinks the Republican candidate would be a better president than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

From my standpoint, when Donald Trump is president we’ll have more Supreme Court justices… aligned with [the deceased] Justice Scalia than with Obama,” said Schuette.

To hear more of Schuette’s conversation on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.

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