Summer Vacation: Under the Radar Michigan Guys Talk Beer, Fishing, and Selfies

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If you tune into public television in Michigan, you know the program “Under the Radar: Michigan,” which takes viewers to some of the most interesting and cool places in our state. The guys at Under the Radar do such a good job showcasing Michigan’s wonders, one is often left surprised at what there is left to discover here.

On the surface, it looks like a travel show. But it’s really about interesting people, places, and things in Michigan,” says UTR host Tom Daldin.

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When you’re talking about passionate people and what they love, that’s why, for us, this whole storytelling is really what put Under the Radar out there that’s different,” says Executive Producer Jim Edelman. “We’re not coloring the story in any way, we’re just really kind of shining a mirror back.”

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson asked the pair to identify some of their Michigan favorites. Here’s what they had to say:

Best place to take an awe-inspiring selfie in Michigan?
Daldin: Lake of the Clouds in the Upper Peninsula
Edelman: Top of the Mackinac Bridge

Where is the best fishing in Michigan?
Daldin: “We’re not really outdoors kind of guys… But we’ve been charter fishing in both Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and I have to tell you, I love charter fishing because you don’t do anything.”

Where can you find the nicest Michiganders?
Daldin: We met the nicest people we’ve ever met in Rogers City. But everywhere we go.
Edelman: In this room.

Where can you get the best craft brew in Michigan?
Daldin: One of my favorite beers is called Widow Maker Black from the Keweenaw Brewing Company in the U.P.
Edelman: Doesn’t matter if it’s beer or distilling or the food industry, it’s about passionate people


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