Detroit Olympian: Bora Gulari Sets Sail
Sandra Svoboda

Bora Gulari will represent the United States next month in Rio in the sport of sailing.

Detroiter Bora Gulari started sailing on a pond near Ann Arbor and developed his world-class career on the Detroit River. Now he’ll head to Rio next month for the Olympic Games.

Gulari, 40 and his crew, Louisa Chafee, 24, together are representing the United States as part of the Olympic sailing team. They race a Nacra 17, a catamaran-style boat with foils that can lift the whole boat out of the water.

There’s two people, a sail plan and a seesaw,” Gulari says. “It’s very unstable, it’s quite a big challenge. But they are fast. They’re the fastest boat in the Olympics, and it’s much more enjoyable than having to go slow.”

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Courtesy of Bora Gulari

The waters near Rio, where the Olympic sailing events will be held.

Learn more about Gulari Chafee Racing here.




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