Gov. Snyder Signs New Budget With Money for Flint, Invasive Species

Asian Carp by Kate Gardiner/Creative Commons

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed the final bill in the state’s $55 billion dollar budget for the coming fiscal year.     

The governor signed the budget bill on the Lake Michigan shoreline, in part to call attention to a competition the state is funding – a $1 million prize for innovative solutions to keeping invasive species out of the Great Lakes.

So that’s why I wanted to highlight in particular some of our environmental investments, such as this invasive species question,” said Snyder.

The budget also includes $235 million to pay for corrosion control, lead testing, and services for children who may be affected by the city’s drinking water crisis.  

We’re working hard in Flint. We’re working hard in every corner of Michigan, but this was a great opportunity to highlight one of the wonders of Michigan,” he said.

Let’s focus in on the recovery of Flint. Let’s make Flint a better, stronger place. It had many challenges before the water crisis. The water crisis was terrible. We’re addressing the features of that, but let’s strengthen the entire community for the long term.”   

The new state budget also expands Medicaid dental services for kids to every county in the state.

Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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