This Island Earth Playlist June 4, 2016

Song Artist Album
Good Citizen Mighty Sparrow Mighty Sparrow Volume Two
Party Music Hot Like Fire Mighty Sparrow Hot Like Fire
El Makako Palanke Soul Tribe Palenke Soul Tribe Compilation 2009-2015
The Color Of Your Dreams Palanke Soul Tribe Palenke Sould Tribe Compilation 2009-2015
Mavi Mavi Brothers Of Baladi Gravity Of Love
Painted Caves Painted Caves na
Lint Of Love Cibo Matto Stereo Type A
10th Floor Gost Girl Cibo Matto Hotel Valentine
Obatala Milton Cardona Bembe
Mi Chocolate Los Van Van Van Van Is Hsere
Radio Bomba Blue Dog What Is Anything
Promiscuity Manu Chao Esperanza
Date With Density Gangster Fun Ska American Style
That’s Life at Crazy Joes Suspect Bill Ska American Style
Welcome To My World Widespread Panic Triple A Radio Singles
Chantez Chantez Amadou Et Mariam The Ni Mousso
Coulibaly Amadou & Mariam Bamako Promotional Album
Maslenitsa Julia Vorontsova Over
Last Tango Ginkgoa Ginkgoa EP
Alabama Blues St Germain Boulevard
Funky Takini Mad In Paris Paris Grove Up
Be Africa Bibi Tanga & Selenites African Disco
Oh Yeh Soweto Teaspoon & The Waves African Disco
Time To Run Bill Laurance After Sun

Image credit: WDET

Aired on: This Island Earth
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Ismael Ahmed

Host, This Island Earth

he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs.  

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