DNC: A Party Divided

Over the weekend a couple national polls emerged that showed Donald Trump gaining in popularity over Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head match-up for the presidential election. Clinton’s popularity has taken a nose-dive in recent weeks, in part, perhaps, because of divisions within the Democratic Party. Many Bernie Sanders supporters say they will sit out the general election if he is not the Democratic nominee, but Clinton still has more delegates going into the convention and millions of more votes cast by individuals in the primary.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with MSNBC political reporter Alex Seitz-Wald about the state of the Democratic Party.  

A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters are not your kind of typical democratic voters,” says Seitz-Wald. ”Bernie Sanders himself does not have a long connection to the Democratic party… He has been really going hard at the Democratic establishment.”

Seitz-Wald says Sanders’ approach could hurt Democrats across the board because, “The concern…is that will turn off voters not only for Hillary Clinton but also for down-ticket Democrats.”

To hear more from Seitz-Wald and Henderson on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.


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