What’s in Store for Movies This Summer

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Film Critic Jeff Meyers

There are two major seasons in the layman’s lineup of movies — Oscar season and summer. While the end of the calendar year often produces beautiful performances and sweeping cinematography designed to produce awards, summer is reserved for those big and small popcorn flicks that become must-see movies in many households. Summer has also become dominated by the Marvel Comic brand.

In the age of on-demand media, has Hollywood figured out a summertime model that can remain profitable? And how much has the movie industry re-calibrated the art of filmmaking to fit your TV rather than the silver screen?

I never trust Hollywood’s marketing wing. [I’m] not convinced they know what they’re doing,” says filmmaker and critic Jeff Meyers.

Meyers says Marvel has capitalized on the family-friendly model of comic book movies, while DC Comics produces much darker films that don’t always work.

Marvel has found a way to handle things in an adult way while still being accessible to kids,” says Meyers.

To hear more of Meyers conversation with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson, click on the audio player above.

Check out trailers for some of the big films expected for the summer: 

X-Men: Apocalypse
Suicide Squad
Independence Day: Resurgence
Jason Bourne
Star Trek: Beyond

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