Flint Mayor, Former City Administrator Battle Over Lawsuit Alleging Misuse of Donations

The mayor of Flint is calling a lawsuit filed against her this week by a former city official “outrageously false.”

Former Flint City Administrator Natasha Henderson is suing Mayor Karen Weaver for allegedly terminating her employment because she blew the whistle on a potential financial conflict.

Henderson accuses the mayor of relieving her of her duties because the former city administrator raised questions about charity funds.

Henderson alleges that Mayor Weaver told another city employee to move money from an account earmarked for donations to help the city’s water crisis to what could be a political action fund.

Weaver counters that the suit is without merit.

Her attorney says it is Henderson who hurt Flint residents.

Weaver alleges that Henderson knew there was a rise in Legionella disease in the Flint area after the city switched its water supply but said nothing.   

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/WDET

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