Free Press Columnist Tells Her Best Mom Stories and Talks News of the Week

Michael Hayball

Mother’s Day is this weekend. We want to hear the touching or funny stories you have about your mother. What great, or terrible advice did your mom give you? What rules did your mom lay out in your house that you still adhere to today? What quirks from your mother do you see in yourself?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson is joined by Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer to talk about mothers and the week in news.

Kaffer is from Alabama. She says her mother is six feet tall, with impeccable posture, a voracious appetite for reading, and commercial-grade charm.

In the south [being charming] it’s like Superman being on Krypton. Everyone has that power,” says Kaffer. But she says in Michigan many people are powerless to her mother’s charm.

To hear the full conversation, click on the audio link above.

Image credit: Michael Hayball

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