Do You Feel Over-Taxed in Michigan?

Citizens Research Council of Michigan

It’s been a year since Michigan voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot proposal that would have raised taxes to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads. In November, voters in Metro Detroit may decide whether to raise their own taxes to improve public transportation in the region. 

Can these kinds of proposals pass if people feel like they’re already giving too much to the government? Plenty of people in Michigan feel over-taxed and think they’re not getting quality public services in return. 

The non-partisan, non-profit Citizens Research Council of Michigan (CRC) recently released a report that looks at how much we as Michiganders pay in taxes. The CRC’s Director of State Affairs Bob Schneider speaks with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson about the report.

Schneider explains that while Michigan was in the top 15 states in terms of state and local tax collections in 1993, we are now in the bottom 15. That means the average Michigander enjoys a relatively small tax burden.

[That’s] a pretty precipitous drop in our standing versus the rest of the states,” says Schneider. He says he’s not surprised, however, that many people feel like they’re paying too much and not getting enough in return.

I think it’s natural. None of us like to pay taxes,” he says.

To hear the full conversation, click on the audio link above.


Image credit: Ken Teegardin/Flickr

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