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Obama: We Can’t Rely on Volunteers to Fix Infrastructure

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Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET

President Barack Obama says volunteers can’t fix infrastructure.

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Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET
Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

President Obama says it is up to the government to fix infrastructure in Flint. He made the remark during a visit to the city Wednesday. President Obama says residents can’t “rely on volunteers and faith groups to repair infrastructure.”

Father Philip Schmitter is the Pastor at Christ the King Catholic in Flint. He says the people who attempt to dismantle the government block progress.  

The reason there are governments is we can’t do things as an individual,” Schmitter says. “That’s why there’s the Constitution. But the push back against big government has gotten in the way of doing the things that government has to do.”

President Obama says it is not overreaching to expect the government to make sure residents’ drinking water is safe.

He gave a speech to a crowd at Flint’s Northwestern High School after visiting a food bank and listening to citizens share their concerns about the city’s water disaster. 

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