Culture City Comemorates & Celebrates Prince + ONEFREQ Plays Live In-Studio!

Oy. Here we are. “Purple Rain” will never sound the same. 

With Prince‘s untimely passing, we take some time on Culture City to listen to a few monster jams, with some emphasis on his masterful guitar work. We’ll hear some memories from folks in the cultural community, including Adriel Thornton who, with his lifelong Prince concert partner Lauren Hood, threw an impromptu Prince party at The Majestic in Midtown after the devastating news made its ways to our ears and hearts.  

A few station staffers share their thoughts and memories, including a very personal family story you’ll have to hear to believe from WDET’s  Alex Trajano. Don’t worry, totally safe for work.  Hugs and high fives to his sister for giving him permission to share it! Thanks, La! 

Angela Gallegos

We close out the show with a live performance and interview from a band that’s undoubtedly deeply influenced by Prince, Detroit’s genre-meshed soul-pop outfit ONEFREQ, who play with Britney Stoney and Vox Vidorra on April 28th at Cliff Bell’s.

Prince wrote it. Sinead recorded it. But nothing compares to the Purple One … 

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