Insights from Local 4 News’ Mara MacDonald on Prince, Flint and More

J Carlisle Larsen

WDIV’s Mara MacDonald joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson for a look at this week’s news.

Here are some highlights from their conversation:

On Prince’s Death: Prince was found dead this week at Paisley Park, his home recording complex in Minnesota. Tributes have been pouring out on social media. MacDonald says she stayed up all Thursday night listening to his music.

I very rarely can listen to something start-to-finish. I can listen to Purple Rain start-to-finish,” she says.

On Flint water charges: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is filing criminal charges against three government employees involved in the water crisis in Flint. MacDonald says she was not surprised by Schuette’s actions. She points out that the attorney general is expected to run for governor in 2018.

You have a person who’s in a position to - if you were going to be a cynic - maximize this for his own gain,” she says. ”But, if you’re not a cynic, who realizes that what happened here is completely unacceptable on every level.”

To hear more from MacDonald’s conversation on Detroit Today about this week’s news, click on the audio link above.

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