Alberta: Donald Trump Nomination Still a “Coin Flip” Despite Important New York Win

The Republican and Democratic presidential frontrunners are out in front a bit more today. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both came away with the most delegates in their respective primaries in New York on Tuesday. Their rivals’ possible paths to the nomination are narrowing and the number of states left to vote is getting smaller.

Meanwhile, there are reports that entire blocks and buildings in New York City were missing from voter rolls. WNYC Public Radio broke news that 126,000 Democrats were purged from the voter rolls in Brooklyn since last fall.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson spoke with Tim Alberta, national chief political correspondent for the National Review, about Tuesday’s presidential contests. Alberta says the win was important for Trump, but that he’s still far from locking up the GOP nomination.

Even with big performances next week… I think it’s still sort of a coin-flip for Trump,” says Alberta.

I’ve talked to enough Republican Party officials… if Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot [of the GOP National Convention], I don’t think he will be the nominee,” he says.

To hear more from Alberta’s conversation on Detroit Today about the New York primaries, click on the link above.

Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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