Test Your Current Events Knowledge with WDET’s April Fools Day Quiz

If you listen to a lot of public radio you probably are pretty up-to-date on current events. Test your knowledge in our April Fools Day current events quiz. All questions are TRUE or FALSE statements. Answers can be found at the bottom. 


1) This week, pro-choice and pro-life advocates found middle ground and agreed on presidential politics. 

2) This week the National Enquirer wrote that Ted Cruz fathered the incredible bat-boy, and John Kasich was caught on camera in an alien autopsy. 

3) This week state Senator Virgil Smith said he would not resign from office, but continue to collect a paycheck indefinitely while in prison for shooting at his ex-wife. 

4) This week during spring training Justin Verlander hit a home run while playing against a minor-league baseball team. 

5) This week Governor Rick Snyder received the “Don’t Blame Me, I’m Just the Governor” award from Fortune Magazine. 

6) This week a state lawmaker from Missouri chastised her fellow legislators for poor grammar by introducing a resolution to stop saying “physical” when they really meant “fiscal”. 

7) This week Apple gave into the FBI’s demand that the company break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone for the agency. 

8) This week Michigan State basketball star Denzel Valentine was named the Associated Press Player of the Year. Though, the AP announced the winner was Denzel Washington. 

9) This week Comerica Park unveiled its new snacks for the ballpark this season, which includes deep-fried butter and a hot dog with a hamburger crumbled on top of it. 



1) TRUE: Both sides came out vehemently against Trump’s statement that if abortion were illegal women who receive abortions should be punished by law.

2) FALSE: The famous rag-mag alleges Ted Cruz has had numerous affairs outside of his marriage. Cruz denies the claim.

3) FALSE: Smith agreed to resign to avoid expulsion. He will vacate his seat in two weeks.

4) FALSE: Justin Verlander’s younger brother, who plays on a minor league team, hit a home run off of his Cy-Young-winning older brother.

5) TRUE: Fortune published a the “19 Most Disappointing Leaders

6) TRUE: Representative Tracy McCreery says the mix-up happens daily in the Missouri House of Representatives.

7) FALSE: An outside company figured out how to break into the iPhone for the FBI.

8) TRUE: The AP tweeted out that Denzel Washington was the Player of the Year, meaning Denzel Valentine.

9) FALSE: Comerica did unveil deep-fried Oreos, and hot dogs with mac’n’cheese on top.

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