This Island Earth Playlist March 26, 2016

Song Artist Album
Porque Grupo Fantasma Problemas
Esa Negra 5:03 3:35 Grupo Fantasma Esa Negra (4) Problemas RCM Problemas
Vampires Theivery Corparation Retaliation
Sound The Alarm Mandella Theivery Corporation Retaliation
Dances Of Resistance Babylon Circus Dances Of Resistance
Boulevard De La Morte Alfa Blondy The Best Of Alpha Blondy
Beams Agatsume Beams
You Me Bullets The Bombay Royal You Me Bullets
Is Pushing Lucky Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Calibration
The Arcs The Arc Yours, Dreamily
Communication Breakdown Baton Rouge Mourge Blackdog Led Zeplin Tribute
All The People Shout Little Faith Eternity
Help Me Make It Through Calvin Cooke Heaven
Door Poppin Carol Fran And Clarence Hollimon Louisiana Gumbo
Killing Floor Afrodizz Froots
Yaa (Dis Be For Radio Mix) SMT Sweet Mama Mix
Kanyange Dorthy Massouka Pata Pata
Gombao Los Van Van Combo Salsa
Tu A Lo Tuyo, Yo A Lo Mio Los Van Van Arrasando
Moulana/My Sweet Lord Mix Hamid Baroudi City No Mad
Morocan Gospel Ayrad Canada Now
Tumbi Wow Deli To Dublin Canada Now
I Feel No Pain/Moodswings mix Culture Clash Bhangra Beat The New Sound
La Marsillaise En Creole Lo Jo Cinema El Mundo
African Dub Crossing The Fantoms Of An Opera Lo Jo Cinema El Mundo

Image credit: WDET

Aired on: This Island Earth
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Ismael Ahmed

Host, This Island Earth

he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs.  

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