The Urban League Celebrates 100 Years

Sandra Svoboda

N. Charles Anderson is president of the Urban League, which celebrates 100 years in Detroit this year. Anderson joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson. Here are a couple highlights from their conversation:

  • History of the Urban League: Anderson says as African Americans moved north in the early part of the 20th century, a need for the Urban League emerged. ”As they moved here… there was a great need for social services.”
  • Modern day: Anderson says the Urban League’s mission is the same, though the services are different than they were 100 years ago. ”The work is a little different in the approach that we have, we’re not doing as many home visit as they were doing in the 1920s.”
  • Funds: Anderson says money was hard to come by 100 years ago, and still remains tough to raise. ”The challenge is still being able to cover the full cost of these services… the need is real.”

Image credit: Sandra Svoboda

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