Are the 2016 Primary Candidates Acting Presidential?

With the Michigan primary tomorrow, many voters are still undecided as to which candidate they will support.  That’s according to some of the listeners of Detroit Today, just hours away from the primary election. 

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson spoke with Kelly Rossman-McKinney and John Truscott, both from Truscott and Rossman public relations and political consulting firm in Lansing, about their perspective on the upcoming election.  Rossman-McKinney says many Michigan voters are experiencing “candidate fatigue,” and  Truscott says “This may be the first cycle where we’re really disappointed with the caliber of the candidates at the end of the day.” 

Many callers mentioned valuing honesty, trustworthiness, and a dedication to public service in whichever candidate they support.  However, voters are disaffected, and Rossman-McKinney says “There’s always skepticism and cynicism about presidential candidates, but I don’t recall it being as visceral…or widespread as it is.” 

Both Rossman-McKinney and Truscott predict Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the big winners tomorrow, but Truscott believes that John Kasich may do better than expected. Rossman-McKinney says, “Kasich is the go-to candidate for a lot of moderate Dems.”  Rossman-McKinney says she believes Clinton will win big for the Democrats, “[Sanders’] idealism is magnificent to watch, but those of us who are practical…recognize he will run into problems and speed bumps every step of the way.”

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