Michigan’s Whirlwind Primary Election Week


This morning Detroit Today’s Stephen Henderson speaks with Detroit News political reporter Chad Livengood to debrief last night’s democratic debate, and preview tomorrow’s primary election.  Last night Hillary Clinton emphasized Bernie Sanders’ vote against an auto industry bailout, which Clinton supported. 

Suddenly it looked like Senator Sanders was in the same camp as Mitt Romney,” says Livengood of Sanders’ focus on the auto companies. 

Both candidates also called for Governor Snyder to resign or be recalled over the Flint water crisis. However, as of yet, many Michigan Democrats aren’t in favor of a recall.  “If they recall Rick Snyder, then they wouldn’t have Rick Snyder to kick around anymore,” Livengood says. 

As for the Republican candidates, Livengood says John Kasich “[has] a message that one would say is much more positive [than the other Republican candidates],” and he is the only Republican candidate still campaigning in Michigan.  Michigan has a history of unpredictability when it comes to primary results, and voter turnout could be an important factor in determining the outcome of the election.  Both Democratic candidates are in Michigan tonight, Senator Sanders is in Ann Arbor at the Crisler Arena and Secretary Clinton will be at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.



Image credit: Olu Adelabi

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