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This Island Earth Playlist March 5, 2016

Song Artist Album
Afroset Som Bit Camino
Africa Unite Suthukazi Arossi South Africa/The Greatest Songs Ever
Akabong The Soul Brothers Jive Explosion
Psdround Love The Soto Koto Band Mandingo Beat
Akabong The Soul Brothers Jive Explosion
Paz 9.13 Spam Allstars Fuacata Live
I Am A Sin Niyaz The Fourth Light
Aprs La Plue Les Negress Vert Zig zauge
Feedback Ojos De Brujo/Nitan Sawney Remix Techari Remixes
Pomegrate Vahagni Imagined Frequencies
Campanario 64 The Spam Allstars Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes
Odschimini The Spam Allstars Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes
Bump Spanglish Fly New York Boogaloo
Rivers Of Babylon The Melodians 96 Degrees In The Shade
Lord Have Mercy Dr. Ring A Ding Ska United
Kapsa Dr. Calypso Ska United
Face Of Humanity The Layabouts First Cold Presss
Space Child Spirit Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus
El Son DJ Spinna/Omar Sosa Mulatos Remix

Image credit: WDET

Aired on: This Island Earth
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Ismael Ahmed

Host, This Island Earth

he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs.  

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