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St. Clair River Beaches Will Be Safe to Swim This Summer

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The MDEQ is Taking public comments on the ending of beach closings on the St. Clair River.

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James/ Flickr

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is taking public comments on a plan to end beach closings on the Saint Clair River. The river has been an area of concern due to high bacteria levels caused by sewage overflows.

Patricia Troy is the US Co-chair of the Saint Clair River Bi-national Public Advisory Council. She says the state has been working to clean up the sewage overflows.

Also there have been corrections that were causing bacteria problems at Chrysler Beach and Marysville and those have been corrected. So I doubt the St. Clair River will have these issues to deal with any longer.” Troy says. 

The DEQ will collect public comments through March 23rd. 

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