Detroit Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill In Michigan Legislature

A Michigan lawmaker is introducing a bill that would make recreational use of marijuana legal. State Senator Coleman Young, II introduced the measure, which would regulate all avenues of the marijuana economy, including the growth, manufacturing, distribution, and selling of the product.

The so-called “nonmedical marijuana code” would allow for Michigan residents 21 and older to possess one ounce and five plants of marijuana. The bill would create civil fines for residents that smoke in public and operate motor vehicles while using the drug. It would also impose a tax of $50 per ounce on growers selling marijuana flowers to retailers. Taxes would be collected monthly and would go to a fund within the state Department of Treasury. 30 percent of the fund would go to the Department of Education, 10 percent to the Department of Health and Human Services for substance abuse programs, and 10 percent to the Department of Community Health for public education campaigns. Half would go to the general fund.

Image credit: Paul Evans / Creative Commons

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