This Island Earth Playlist February 27, 2016

Song Artist Album
Machine Machine Gink Goa Gink Goa
De New York Gink Goa Gink Goa
Promised Land Shantel Viva Diaspora
African Thriller ( Rocky Dawani Branches Of The Same Tree
Viene dDe Mi La Yegros Viene De Mi
Trocintro La Yegros Viene De Mi
Not Great Men Gang Of Four A Brief History Of The 20th Century
Khebez Dawle Khebez Dawle Khebez Dawle
Monistic theory Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate Monistic Theory
Tamala Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate Monistic theory
Suzanna MbongWana Star From Kinshasa
Oi Out-Non Oai Star Phonopaca Sampler
Pope Philosphy Base Head Not In Kansas Anymore
Costosa Jorge Ben Homosapiens
Mediacao Bossa Cuca Nova/ Wada Sa Remix Bossa Cuca Nova Revisted
Palenke Soul Tribe 2009-2015 Paleke Soul Tribe Nsdo Voy A Moreir
Supernatural Love Sidestepper Supernatural Love
One Way Ticket A Fragile Tomorrow /Joan Baez/Indigo Girls Make Me Over
Come Together Travels Quartet Rhythm Future
Blackbirds Singing Roslyn Sweett & the Paragons Reggae Tribute To The Beatles
Island/ Illingon’s Silent Journey Remix Karsh Kale Psychedelic Planet
Kemmkem (I Like Your Afro) Meklit/Dub Colossus Psychedelic Planet
Gentlemen Just A Band, Bajah, Chance The Rapper Red Hot & Fela 2
Jilala Aziz Sahmoui Mazal
Senda Rafiel Duty Artz
Vampiro Xixa Bloodline
Tokyo Dominic Miller, Manolito Simonet Hecho En Cuba

Image credit: WDET

Aired on: This Island Earth
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he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs.  

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