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Michiganders Tell Us Why they support Bernie Sanders

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Detroiters reveal why they have chosen to “Feel The Bern.”

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Last week, Bernie Sanders opened up a campaign office in Flint and later this week, his campaign will open up a Detroit office in the New Center area. But the real success of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has been the thousands of unpaid volunteers that have banded together in each state, to form a grassroots movement for the candidate that they believe is listening to them and addressing their concerns.  Mara Fostey and Austin Kidd are the leaders of Metro Detroit for the Bernie Sanders, Fostey grew up in Highland Park, has always been politically aware and became involved in the Sanders campaign last July. Kidd, is from Lincoln Park and is an Army veteran, serving a 12 month deployment in Afghanistan.  He attended the June 1st meeting of Michigan for Sanders in Lansing and has been an active Sanders volunteer ever since. They join Stephen Henderson, on Detroit Today to discuss why they support Bernie Sanders and believe that he’s restoring democracy.

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