How Does a School System Like DPS Run Out of Money?


How does a school system like DPS run out of money? How does any school district get into deep debt? Bridge Magazine education reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey joins Detriot Today to discuss schools finances with Craig Thiel, senior research associate with Citizens Research Council. Dawsey also says there is a short list of potential replacements for outgoing DPS Emergency Manager Darnell Earley. That list includes Tonya Allen, head of the Skillman Foundation, and Charlie Beckham, head of the Department of Neighborhoods in Detroit.


Budgets: “School districts operate on fairly thin margins… in DPS’ case it’s been operating on razor-thin margins,” Thiel says.


Local Funding: Funding for schools used to come from local communities before Proposal A. “Back then… funding for schools largely was a local responsibility,” Thiel says.


Flexible Spending: “This system is designed to treat every kid the same in terms of funding…the reality is that every kid comes to school with a different set of needs,” says Thiel.

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