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This Island Earth Playlist January 30, 2016

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Song Artist Album
Sh-Boom The Chords The Rock & roll Era 1954-1955
La Negra Thomasa Vocal Sampling Una Forma Mas
On The Line Side Stepper Side Stepper
Oh Ma Ma Palanke Soultribe Palenke Soultribe
Djigbo Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble Fire Sweat 4 Pastis
Viva Nigeria Fela Kuti & Nigeria Finding Fela Sound Track
Hal Oum/Remixed by DJ Polyesta Womex 15 Special Release
Khebez Dawle Khebez Dawle Khebez Dawle
Et Se Demain Zoufris Maraca Chienne De Vie
Poulet Zoufris Maraca Chienne De Vie
Stop/Listen The Gods Themselves Pink Noise
Love Of Your Life Muruga & Unified Field Marshals For Peace Rock The Planet
Tomani Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra Boulevard De La Independence
Back From Africa Nickodemus Endangered Species Remixes
Come See Us Play Side Stepper SASA Music 2016
The Principles Of Lust (2) Enigma MCMSC AD
Cocody Rock Alpha Blondie The Best Of Alpha Blondy
La Guerre (5) Alpha Blondie Dieu
Rock The Dance Hall Alborosie Sound The System
A Boogie Monster Shonen Knife Heavy Song
na Danpuyutsun and theSailors na
Sin Of The times Hypnotix Witness OF Our Time

Ismael Ahmed, Host, This Island Earth

Ismael Ahmed is the host of “This Island Earth.” The son of first-generation immigrants, Ismael Ahmed is co-founder of The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and now serves as an executive member of its advisory board.


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