Lawsuit Requests Federal Judge to Order Replacement of Flint Pipes

A new lawsuit is asking a federal judge to order the quick replacement of lead pipes in Flint. The city’s water system was contaminated by using its river as a water source to save money.

The suit accuses city and state officials of violating the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The suit was filed on behalf of the National Resources Defense Council, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, a group of pastors and Flint resident Melissa Mays.

It calls for all lead pipes in the city to be replaced at no cost to customers and that independent experts monitor the situation.

Mays says Flint cannot depend on government officials she alleges created the health crisis.

They deprived us of clean water even long after they knew it was bad. And then they didn’t notify us and didn’t let us protect ourselves,” Mays alleges.

It could cost anywhere from $50 million to more than $1 billion to repair the damaged pipes.   

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/WDET

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