Mood of the Michigan Voter: Immigration, Infrastructure and Frustration

This week we’re taking the temperature of voters in Michigan. As we wade into the presidential election year we see crowds build online and in arenas to voice concerns about the direction of the country. Some people are gripped by fear and anxiety over terrorism, the economy, immigration. And some people are hopeful as the U-S finds its place in an increasingly global community. What is your mood as a voter? What is helping craft your opinion of the presidential candidates?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson is joined by: Howard Edelson, President of the Edelson Group and a Democratic political strategist; Dennis Darnoi, Republican Political Analyst with RevSix Data Systems; Nadia El-Zein Tonova, Director of the National Network for Arab American Communities project ACCESS; Martin Manna, President of The Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce.

Image credit: Flickr

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