A Preview of the North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show is a veritable local holiday… a warm and celebratory time in the most bitter weeks of Michigan winter. Cars — gleaming hunks of metal, leather, and paint, fitted together with the precision of a puzzle. These monoliths are rowed together every year in COBO Hall and speak to the public about what travelling on American roadways will look like for the coming year. But increasingly the story that unfolds at the auto show is about what makes a car more than a car — Can the car park or drive itself? Can the car use less or no gasoline? Can the car work with your phone and the internet to make the experience of travel smoother and more engaging? The auto companies have rebounded from the recession that nearly crushed them — though with major setbacks from lawsuits and recalls — and with their re-emergence they must re-imagine what the everyday driver needs and wants from a car. Paul Eisenstein, Publisher of of The Detroit Bureau-dot-com, joined Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to tell us what the Auto Show has to offer this year.


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Image credit: Marissa Gawel/WDET

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