White Women are the Angriest People in American

Recently, Esquire published the results of a poll that they conducted with NBC News about Rage in America. The survey found that America is one angry nation, but that certain groups remain optimistic despite their anger. Richard Dorment, Senior Editor at Esquire, joined Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, to discuss the findings of survey. Here is a sampling of the topics that they touched upon:

  • Whites are the angriest:    White women are the Americans that are the most angry followed by white men, which came as a bit of a surprise.  Dorment says that white men tend to be angry about their own situation, while white women are more angry about a wide variety of topics, such as the mistreatment of others and violence against one another.
  • American Dream:  A majority of Americans - 52% - believe that the American Dream no longer holds true anymore.
  • Why are we so angry? Dorment tells Stephen that we cannot downplay the significance of social media when we look at the results of the poll.  Americans are able to react to any issue or controversy almost instantaneously, that can sometimes leads to an emotional response, which may not be how a person feels as time passes.    

To hear this entire conversation, including more survey results and the input of our callers, please click the audio link above:  

Image credit: Esquire Magazine

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