Both Sides of the Gun Control Debate State Their Case

What do both sides of the debate on gun violence have to say on President Obama’s executive order on gun control? Detroit Today, host, Stephen Henderson talks with Steve Dulan, Member of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, and Linda Brundage, Member of the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.


Mental Illness: Dulan says that the focus on mental illness in gun control isn’t completely accurate. “Of the people who are diagnosed with mental illness, they are actually less violent than the people who are not diagnosed with mental illness [as a percentage of the population].”


Clarification: Brundage says the executive order is about “Clarifying,” saying, “President Obama is trying to enforce the law on the books. Ninety percent of people in the United States want background checks.”


Tools: Brundage concludes by saying, “Hammers are made to pound nails, Pipes are made to conduct water… Guns are made to kill. Why would we not pay attention to who owns them?”


To hear the entire conversation, please click the link above.

Image credit: WickedVT

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