Former Detroit Council President Ordered to Pay Accuser in Sex Tape Lawsuit

 A federal judge has ruled that former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh must pay a quarter of a million dollars to a young man who accused him of sexual harassment.

Last month a jury ruled that Pugh should pay a former student $250,000 after the young man sued the ex-Council President and the Detroit Public School district.

The suit charged that Pugh used his position as a mentor at Frederick Douglass Academy to talk the student into making a sex tape in exchange for money and other favors. Pugh countered that the student was old enough at the time to know what he was doing.

School officials agreed to a $350,000 settlement. But Pugh’s attorneys argued that their client should not also have to pay because the former student was entitled to only one legal recovery.

 Now a federal judge is ordering Pugh to pay, as well as ruling that if the school district does not complete its settlement payment by next November the student can seek the money from individuals that were in charge of the system including former Emergency Managers Robert Bobb and Roy Roberts.   

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