Census Shows Michigan Population Up but Exodus Continues

New census data shows Michigan’s population barely increased in the past year, even as experts say thousands of residents were relocating to other states.

The data shows Michigan’s population rose by one tenth of one percent during the one year period between July of 2014 and 2015.

By comparison the nation’s population as a whole increased eight times as fast during the same time period. It’s the fourth consecutive year the state’s population increased but the slowest growth reported since 2012.

The group Data Driven Detroit estimates most of the population increase came from a higher birth rate and an influx of immigrants. But the group adds that at the same time almost 40,000 people moved away from Michigan to other states.

Michigan still has the nation’s 10th largest population.

Yet if the current census figures were used for redistricting purposes Michigan would lose one seat in Congress, as would Illinois, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

   Several states would gain a seat in Congress, including Florida, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas.   

Image credit: statesymbolsusa.org

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