Still too Early to Predict Republican Nominee

Bobby Schostak, the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, to discuss and offer his insights on Tuesday’s fifth Republican Presidential debate, which aired on CNN and was moderated by Wolf Blitzer.  Here are some of the topics that they touched upon:

Tone of the debate: Tuesday’s debate was on national security and Schostak thought that the candidates - for the most part - stayed on message.  He was a bit disappointed that they focused almost entirely on ISIS and didn’t spend more time on other threats such as China and cyber terrorism.

Donald Trump: According to Schostak, Donald Trump is reaching “a vibrant primary voter” by tapping into their fears.  However, when it comes time to offer substance, Trump relies on “platitudes” not specifics. 

It gets real in January: Over the two week holiday period, the political news will slow down, but in January, “it’s game on”, says Schostak.  With Iowa and New Hampshire just around the corner, he thinks that the numbers will start to move, with Jeb Bush gaining a bump and Trump having a bit of a dip.

CEO President: Schostak understands what Chris Christie was saying about the difference between a governor and senator. “I have always said that we need a government CEO, not a business CEO, to run the country,” said Schostak.  Stephen agrees with Schostak, that a governor and the president make similar decisions and deal with a lot of the same issues.

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