Patrick Smith of WBEZ-Chicago, talks about the State of Chicago’s Police Department, Post-Laquan Mcdonald

Detroit Today checks in with reporter Patrick Smith, of Chicago’s Public Radio station, WBEZ, about the Laquan McDonald case. Smith has been covering the story, since the video of McDonald’s shooting became public.


Untouchable: Smith claims that the Chicago PD acts “almost with impunity,” citing that of the dozens of police shootings that have taken place over the past year, only two have been found to be unjustified in their use of deadly force.


Transparency: According to Smith, to avoid any controversy, police departments need “much more transparency on each shooting incident,” along with transparency in official documents and in media coverage.


Warning: Smith says that there were several red flags on the officer who shot McDonald, revealing that the officer had, “eighteen complaints on him before the shooting even took place.”


To hear more of their conversation, click the link above.


Image credit: Always Shooting

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