Head of the Senate’s Committee on Energy Policy Aric Nesbitt

What is the future of Michigan’s renewable energy? Host Stephen Henderson talks with Aric Nesbitt, Republican chair on the Committee on Energy Policy about Michigan’s energy policies and proposed changes.


Renewables: Nesbitt says that he is interested in pursuing renewable technologies, but only if they are affordable for citizens and consumers. “If these are economical [technologies] as people are saying now, then let’s put them out on the table,” Nesbitt says.


Sides: Nesbitt says it frustrating when people take extreme sides in energy policy debate. “When people start accusing folks… that means they don’t have strong arguments in terms of policy,” Nesbitt says. “I’m being attacked by both the far right, by the far left…[and] that’s part of the process.”

To hear more of their conversation on Michigan’s energy, click the link above.

Image credit: Dave Scaglione Photography

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