Ponitac Mayor Says There’s More Work to Be Done in Blight Removal

The City of Pontiac says it has removed about half of its blighted structures in the past year.  Mayor Deidre Waterman, who was elected last year, says she’s working to streamline the demolition process.

She says one way to help blight removal is tearing down the homes in batches.

The batches are sometimes done in terms of the funding,” Waterman says. “We also arrange them in terms of geography, because we found our cost for demolition with contractors can be reduced if we ban them together in terms of geographic area as opposed to having them scattered shot throughout the city.”

Waterman says the average cost to demolish a home in Pontiac is just over $11,000. She says there are about 415 blighted structures left in the city. 

Image credit: Afries52/CC

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