Detroit’s Parade and Thanksgiving Misadventures

What is coming up for Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Host Stephen Henderson talks with Tony Michaels, CEO of the Parade Company, about Thursday’s highly anticipated extravaganza. .


Big: Tony Michaels says that the parade is going to be “bigger and better than ever,” with five new floats for a total of twenty six floats, including an M-1 rail line-themed float. “M-1 is coming down Woodward for the very first time,” Michaels says.


Volunteers: There is a massive effort that goes into making the parade happen, “We build all the floats, we make all the costumes,” Michaels says. According to Michaels, the total of amount of of volunteers needed to make the Thanksgiving Day Parade a spectacle is over two thousand.


Detroit Today: If you hear a voice you recognize during the parade - Surprise! It mostly likely the voice of Detroit Today host, Stephen Henderson, who will be riding as the honorary grand marshall of the parade.


To hear more of their conversation, click the link above:


Image credit: Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo/WDET

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