Report: DPS Needs More Teachers and Better Pay

A coalition of people concerned about the Detroit Public School system is pushing Lansing to do more for Detroit’s crumbling school system. Host Stephen Henderson speaks with Tonya Allen and John Rakolta; co-Chairs of the  Coalition for Future of Detroit Schoolchildren.

  • Teachers and Funding: DPS is in a bad financial shape and needs answers that include more teachers and more funding.
  • Effects: Because DPS has had funding woes for so long, the community has been feeling the ripple effects. “The minute you close the school, the neighborhood starts to go down,” says Rakolta.
  • Cost: Part of the problem with funding DPS is the high cost of student care, even on an individual level. Rakolta says, “On a per-student basis, the DPS spends 16,000 dollars.”


To hear more of their conversation, click the link above.


Image credit: Detroit Public Schools

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