State Urges Motorists to “Drive Slow on Ice and Snow”

Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning is urging motorists to drive cautiously on slippery roads this winter. The “Drive Slow on Ice and Snow” campaign comes as a response to the 193 car pile-up on I-94 back in January.

Spokesperson Kristin Allen says most winter crashes can be avoided by driving appropriately for road conditions.

The majority of crashes happen when drivers are going too fast,” Allen says. “They can lose control and begin to leave the roadway. And driving slow on icy and snowy roads allows a driver a longer reaction time.”

Allen says even a dusting of snow can make roads slippery, so motorists should always drive cautiously when ice and snow are present. The campaign will consist of billboards along Metro Detroit roadways. 

Image credit: Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning

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