Detroit Councilwoman Castaneda-Lopez On Representing Council District 6

How is the Detroit City Council working together in the aftermath of the Bankruptcy ruling? Stephen Henderson welcomes to Detroit Today, councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez, who talks about the concerns of District 6 and her working relationship with her Detroit’s City Council colleagues.


Issues: Questions like, “When are my lights coming back on?” are what the people of Detroit really care about, according to Castaneda-Lopez and she wants to tackle them now. “We cannot ignore and wait for more money from the federal government,” she says.


Stadium: Castaneda-Lopez voted No to the new Red Wings stadium, saying “We need make sure that we’re very focused on human beings in the community as a whole, when we negotiate these development deals.”

Aid Money: Castaneda-Lopez also says that the federal “Hardest Hit” money should not just go to certain sections of the city. “It should be uniform, it should be even,” she says.


To hear more of Stephen’s conversation with Councilwoman Castaneda-Lopez, click the link above.

Image credit: Michael Hayball

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